3 Tips to Transition from Minimalism to Maximalism

When it comes to fashion, everything works goes under the pendulum effect. Minimalism is no exception. Ruling on almost every catwalk (and Instagram feeds) for the past five years, it started going down at the same time Alessandro Michele started at Gucci in 2015, the king of maximalism. “Who influenced who?” is a chicken-or-egg situation, but whatever’s the answer, that drastic shift of aesthetic simply proved that people were finally moving away from oversized white shirts and tapered black trousers.

Personally, I’m totally in tune with the philosophy behind minimalism: a simplified wardrobe to prevent overconsumption (even though I feel like a bunch of minimalism fans out there have more clothes than Carrie Bradshaw, just less colourful).

Careful though, maximalism doesn’t necessarily mean fast fashion. It’s as much of a lifestyle as minimalism can be. With maximalism, everything is permitted, anything goes with everything, too much is never enough. There’s only one rule: your outfit should be a reflexion of your personality.

Individuality — don’t get confused with individualism — makes a grand return which, I think, is great news for our forgotten extravaganza. It’s time to befriend eclecticism again and pop a bottle of champagne while we’re at it!

Now that I look back, the past minimalism years make me think of my uniform in high school. Everyone was kind of dressed the same and tried real hard to be different by altering the least noticeable details: rolled or unrolled sleeves, buttoned up or buttoned down shirt, too-short or too-long skirt? Boring? Tell me about it. That’s also why dress down days were such a thing. It was an opportunity to show our true colours, our real identity, and to wake up our sleepy creativity.

That’s exactly what’s happening with fashion today. After way too much time wearing a uniform, it’s finally dress down day.

Interested in giving a maximalism spin to your wardrobe? Here are three advice that should help you say goodbye to your neutral-coloured life.

Self-imposed challenge

On a morning you’re in a good mood (aka after your caffeine fix), throw yourself a little challenge and try not to wear white, black nor grey on that day. If you feel weird in your new rainbow outfit, it’s good. It means this advice was specifically made for you.

Personality test

Pick one of your main personality traits and try to translate it into your clothes. Like most of you know already, I’m pretty funny (and clearly not humble). With some Kool-Aid colours and a perfectly located “Coucou!”, it’s kind of hard not to smile.

Slightly funky, medium funky, spicy hot funky

Don’t forget, YOU make the rules. In other words, the goal is not to copy this or this look from Gucci. The idea is simply to get outside of your comfort zone and, most importantly, to remember that fashion should be fun. Still in love with simplicity? Do as I do and aim for an unfussy silhouette and some clean lines, but done in vibrant colours that may blind passersby.

Sweater être cécile | Skirt Topshop | Sandals Aldo

Photos Benoit Essiambre

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