5 Ways to Make Summer Last Longer

Are you feeling like you barely had time to say “sangria” before summer was already over? I know, the Weather Network states that it technically only ends on September 21st at 11:59pm, but for us, mortals, summer is officially long gone when Labor Day weekend is over.

But why? I feel like it’s a thing that started in high school. At a similar date, but 10 years ago (not a good thing to make you feel any younger), I would put on my polyester uniform, catch my bus at 7:45 am and then try to understand the mystery behind those dear parabolas. It was an era when “summer is over” meant “going back to school”.

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Now that I’m not a student anymore and that there’s absolutely no legitimate reason for which summer shouldn’t go on, here are five very special advice of mine on how to make fall look like it’s just a scam.

Days are getting cooler, so what? It’s no excuse to lock yourself inside your apartment. Last fall, when I was in Scandinavia, most bars and restaurants offered blankets to clients wishing to enjoy terrasses a little longer. So grab your fave wool blanket and bring it to the following places: 1) parks 2) your balcony 3) terrasses.

During summer, I eat ice cream every other day (and that’s when I’m being reasonable). I’m a firm believer that the decreasing temperature should not keep you away from your regular Ben & Jerry’s treat. Your hands are freezing? Put on some gloves. Your whole body can’t stop shivering? Turn up your heaters until your place is Club-Med hot and warm up your heart with a huge portion of cookie dough ice cream.

Here are three ways I stay active: going to the gym, jogging and biking. Truth be told, I tend to ditch the two last ones as soon as the leaves start turning yellow. Not this year! I’m rebelling like an outdoor saviour by buying a windbreaker so I can run and bike until the very first snow.

When I think “summer”, I think “hair” and “foot” (my brain does weird associations, don’t worry about me). During the hot season, short dresses and sandals are the way to go, which is why I religiously shave my legs and buffer my toes like if there were no tomorrow. That ritual comes to an end as soon as the temperature drops, leaving me with calves worthy of a hairy porcupine and feet that would make Gollum feel sorry for me. But what if, for a change, I decided to continue the high maintenance thing a bit longer? For sure, my boyfriend would probably prefer that, but it would mostly be for me and my general well-being. You know, happiness can sometimes be found in the smallest details! Come on ladies, let’s all be super soft under our jeans and massive rain boots together.

It’s too chilly to wear sandals? Put socks on. It’s a thing we’ve been seeing in magazines for years now, but almost nobody ever dares to try it. With so many amazing fall sandals and pretty socks in every other boutique, it’s time to face our fear of ridicule. Socks and sandals are cool, OK????

Photos by Melika Dez

Did you find summer particularly short this year? What do you plan on doing to make it last a bit longer?

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