#VeryPicky: My Favourite Things This Week


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T-shirt and briefs: My look as I’m writing this post. Not because I feel like flashing my neighbours, rather because it’s crazy hot outside and it’s my 30ºC+ #ootd of choice. Based on the fact that fall starts in two days, it’s tempting to say that Mother Nature is a little cookoo with her schedule. But hey, with a summer that felt like October, I’m welcoming all that sweat with wide-open arms. (If we forget about the fact that I’m allowed to wear only 10 pieces of clothing right now and as a proof of my good planning skills, I exclusively picked fall pieces made out of wool and polyester.)

Anyways, all that to say that summer’s definitely not over and that it shows in my faves of the week.

Top by Orseund Iris

I saw this top first on Reese Blutstein from Double3xposure and I’ve been obsessed since. The perfectly subdued colour, the visible bra underwires and the flared sleeves: it’s impossible not to look cool when wearing that top. Alana Johnson, who’s only 24 years old, has managed to transform Orseund Iris into a must brand for it-girls thanks to her seasonless clothes, which she designs based on her current desires. Conveniently enough, all of her style desires are perfectly in tune with mine. #IWantToBuyEverythingOnHerWebsite

Handbag by Sneha Varma

Entrepreneur dad and sewing extraordinaire mom: Sneha Varma, the founder of her eponymous handbag line, is the perfect mix of her two parents. It’s while she was on maternity leave that she decided to drop her job as an accountant and pursue her dream of owning a leather good company. I’m particularly in love with this little structured bag which has the perfect size to carry my iPhone, my lipstick and by peanut butter and banana sandwich. I’m sold.

Earrings by Faris

With a name like Faris du Garf, you kind of have to have a creative mind. (I can’t possibly imagine an actuary with such a name.) At the head of her brand Faris, the jeweller designs and produces all of her pieces in her hometown, Seattle. Be careful: wandering through her website may make you want to spend your next month’s rent on a couple of her brass pieces, especially those earrings in the shape of partially eaten doughnuts.

Babouches by Bronze Age

Do I really have to explain why I’m in love with those babouches? Bubble-gum coloured and probably as comfy as a fluffy cloud, those shoes have my name written all over them. The geniuses behind those indoor or nice-weather mules (they don’t look like something you’d wear when it’s pouring rain outside) are Renee Power and Joni Pangsaeng. They operate Bronze Age out of Vancouver, but all of their shoes are produced in Morocco, commonly known as ‘babouche heaven’.

Lip Balm by Bite Beauty

The downside of wearing lipstick everyday is that my lips become dry and cracky like the Nevada desert. Charming, right? Not really. In my quest to find the perfect lip balm, I came to a general agreement with myself: this one by Bite Beauty is the best, period. Enriched with agave and Madagascar vanilla (yummy!), it’s rich and greasy enough to protect my lips for hours. And the fact that it’s cruelty-free and made in Toronto only makes it even more perfect.

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