#VeryPicky: 5 Things I’m Obsessed with This Week

Some I already own and some others I wish I did: here are 5 things I can’t get over this week!

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Jacket by Unif

If the girl cast from Clueless had been Kurt Cobain fans, they would have loved Unif. In all honesty, I found about the brand only recently thinking that it was super indie only to realize that it launched in 2009 and has now more than a million followers on Instagram. Where was I all those years??? Started in L.A. by Eric Espinoza, a retired Hollywood DJ, and Christina Lai, a local fashion blogger, the line has become a cult amongst the cool kids. Why pick this jacket specifically? Because green always looks nice with blond hair (yup, sometimes it’s that simple) and its cut fits my vintage mood of the last few months.

Sweater (left) and sweater (right) by Another A.

Frankly, I wasn’t able to find any information on that brand other than it’s Korean and that it’s sold on Garmentory. But eh, sometimes looking nice is more than enough! Those sweaters make me want to convert to pumpkin spice lattes (which is a big statement of a faithful americano drinker) and sit in front of a fireplace while listening to Fleetwood Mac. As you can see, I took the liberty of picking two, because sometimes, I just don’t feel like choosing. #IWantItAll

Earrings by LLY Atelier

I’ve been avoiding earrings in the past years (I felt like it made me look too much like a fancy adult/first lady), but here I am, completely obsessed with them. These ones, in sterling silver and pearls, are by one of my fave Montreal jewelry designers, LLY Atelier by Agathe Bodineau. Her designs are usually simpler, but I have to say that this figurative piece is a real feast for the eyes (hahaha). In an ideal world, I’d wear them with the two sweaters mentioned above. All I need is a brand new credit card to buy all that gorgeouness.

Hand cream by Comfort Zone

Whether we like it or not, it’s getting colder and colder, which means the old-looking-cracked-dry-hand season is coming… But not this time around! This super nourishing yet non-greasy hand cream — like you can open a mayo jar right after applying it, no problem — is bursting with all my favourite smells: cedarwood, sandalwood, sweet orange, rose and vetiver. The company, launched in Parma (Italy) more than 20 years ago, makes the use of safe ingredients and sustainable resources a priority. For my Montreal friends with crocodile hands, head over to the William Gray Spa, where the whole line is available. Dangerously tempting? I know.

Dress by Oneself

Sonia Cardinal, the founder of Oneself, seems to be a pretty busy woman. And I happen to be too. Why am I telling you this? Because we’ve tried to meet for almost a year now and every time we set up a date, life puts an obstacle in our way. So even if we haven’t met yet, I feel like spreading the word about all the beautiful clothes she creates, right here, right now. Her latest collection is CRAZY NICE, but I have to admit that this olive dress is high on my fall bucket list.

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