3 New Ways to Wear Your Fave Sweaters This Fall

“Finally, sweater weather.” When Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph speak, you listen.

I’m the kind of girl who’s always cold, so for me, sweaters are not only a stylish piece of clothing, but also part of my winter survival kit. Considering how obsessed I am with them, it’s kind of strange that I don’t have more of them.

I think it’s because I refuse to buy cheap knits. Unlike other types of garments, you can’t get away with low quality sweaters for two reasons:

  1. They will lose their shape faster than you can say “sweater weather”
  2. You’ll be covered in pills and fuzz before drinking your second coffee of the day

A professional acquaintance of mine (I want to say “friend”, but I don’t want to scare her away, haha) recently told me about Naïf, a Montreal-based clothing brand for which she’s now in charge of marketing. Even though they have a full-range collection, I kind of developed a big crush for their knits. They use a lot of natural fibres (cotton, wool, etc.), they’re chunky knits are heavy (which is always a telltale sign of good quality) and they have the best basic-yet-interesting silhouettes. You know, they’re like the perfect white tee, but knit-version?

So I went to their gorgeous new boutique, picked three sweaters and styled them for three different moods, depending on what kind of day you feel like having.

Top Naïf | Boots L’Intervalle
Top Naïf

LOOK #1: When you feel like drinking [insert favourite hot beverage here] while looking glamorously laid-back

Why it works: Equally comfy (big sweater + 90’s style boots) and equally fancy (sequinned leggings + beret), this outfit makes you look like you can afford an 12$-double-shot-soy-milk-extra-whipped-cream-venti latte (whether you actually can or not is not the point). On a more serious note, the idea here is to mix basic textures with more intricate ones: cable knit, felt, metallic, patent leather, etc. With all that going on, I’d rather keep a neutral palette, but if you feel like wearing bold colours, be my guest: the crazier, the merrier.

Top and blouse Naïf | Boots L’Intervalle
Top and blouse Naïf 

LOOK #2: When you want to feel professional, yet you cringe every time your hear the word “corporate”

Why it works: There are many classic things about this outfit — the white-navy-red combo (bonjour Paris!), the shirt worn under the sweater, the basic fabrics — but then you see the bottom of those pants and you go like “Whoa, have I stepped into the coolest office EVER?!?”. Girl, I think you just did! Simple sweaters are like tofu: they’re going to have the flavour of whatever you pair them with. In other words: they’re beyond versatile which will allow you to wear them in a zillions different ways.

Top Naïf | Boots L’Intervalle
Top Naïf 

LOOK #3: When you want to feel pretty on a date, but be comfortable enough to eat every other item on the menu

Why it works: The idea of it is super lady-like (booties, a pleated skirt and a super soft knit), yet little details make you look like you’re the funniest girl to be around (even though my facial expression doesn’t really support that). Why? Because of the unexpected mix of colours which, for some mysterious reasons, work AND because of the chic/chill mix of the skirt and sweater which says “I can be fancy but never fussy”. Be aware: That sweater is the softest — you may experience people trying to hug you out of the blue.

Photos by Melika Dez

*This post was sponsored by Naïf, but all opinions are mine.

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