3 Beauty Looks All Done with Cruelty-Free Makeup

Everyone in my entourage knows this: I LOVE animals. I almost cry every time I see a dog and if I cross paths with a cat, I will definitely bend down to pet it.

As many countries now forbid cosmetic companies to conduct animal testing (ahem, like the whole European Union), Canada is still debating the adoption of this law. In terms of my own beauty routine, unfortunately, I can’t say that it’s a 100% cruelty free, but it’s a reality that is increasingly influencing my cosmetic choices and I will hopefully get there in a near future.

While researching for this post, I was positively surprised: many cool and accessible brands don’t use animals as guinea pigs. (Like you don’t need to go to a natural health store anymore to buy a not-so-good foundation priced at 65$ because it’s made by some woman in her basement somewhere in the Eastern Townships).

So here are three totally different makeup looks, all done with cruelty-free cosmetics in order to help cute and not that cute animals rest easier.


*To save myself some time/trouble, I did the same base for all three looks.

1. Rose Day Cream, Dr. Hauschka | In addition to feeling like you just stuffed your face in a bouquet full of fresh roses, this cream is 100% made with natural ingredients, in fact, all of the brand’s products are.

2. Agave Lip Balm, Bite Beauty | I try to remember to apply this lip balm every night before I go to sleep in order to wake up in the morning with lips as velvety as a brand new polar fleece sweater. Otherwise, I’ll put it first thing before my makeup routine to give it time to sink in before I apply my lipstick.

3. Goodness Glow Liquide Foundation, Burt’s Bees + Sheer Light Illuminator, Nude by Nature | My secret weapon: I mix my foundation and my liquid highlighter together to fake the glow of a girl who works out all week long, who sleeps 10 hours a night and who drinks 6 litres of water everyday. #MakeBelieve

4. Flawless Concealer, Nude by Nature | Perfectly creamy, this longwear concealer is full of antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients. Personally, I prefer to put some on my finger and then dab it onto my dark circles to avoid smudging my foundation.

5. Mattifying Powder Foundation, Burt’s Bees | I set my oh-so nice makeup by dusting this bamboo-based pressed powder on my “T” zone (aka the kingdom of shiny skin) with a fluffy brush.

6. Ultimate Volume Mascara, Marcelle | I’ve always been a fan of Marcelle’s mascaras in general, but I have to admit, this one gives me eyelashes that would have made Natalie Imbruglia in the Torn videoclip jealous (a reference strictly aimed at those of you born around 1990).


1. Natural Wonder Eye Palette, Nude by Nature | In order to really make the colour pop, I first dipped my angled brush in water before covering it with the sky blue eyeshadow. I then used another angled brush with a bit of concealer to draw a line on top of the blue tail extending on the outward corner of my eye to make it super sharp.

2. Buttercream Lipgloss in Forbidden, bareMinerals | Let’s be honest: a fuchsia lipstick would have been way too bold for this, so I went with a slightly pink lipgloss instead. You wanna know what else? It’s moisturizing.

3. Convertible Lip & Cheek Colour, Stila | I don’t know if it’s because of my ghost-like skin, but I tend to look a bit sick when I use blue-ish makeup. And that is why I chose this rosy blush which perfectly recreates that healthy glow I get after running to catch the subway (a delay most likely caused by bumping into a cat somewhere in the middle of my apartment and Beaubien station).


1. Super Cliquey Satin Matte Lipstick in Obvs, NYX | Click and draw: this lipstick works exactly like a mechanical pencil and for some obscure reason, I find it incredibly satisfying. Don’t be fooled by its creamy texture, it turns mat a few minutes after application and stays on for hours!

2. Cali Contour Palette, Smashbox | It’s not because a cosmetic is labeled as “bronzer” that it can’t be used anywhere else on your face! This palette is the perfect example: I applied the champagne shade on my eyelids and I framed my cheeks with the two ones on the far right.

3. Clear Perfect Brow Gel, Marcelle | From my experience, I know that I prefer to either have bold lips OR defined eyebrows, never the two at the same time. A clear eyebrow gel is amazing for structure without having to add any colour, which is perfect for this look.


1. Perfecting Eye Primer, Nude by Nature | An eyeshadow primer is like a Soda Stream: you don’t know you need it until you’ve tried it. Here is a little trick the amazing Alexandre Deslauriers, makeup artist, shared with me in order to maximize the longwear factor and facilitate your makeup routine: deal with one eyelid at a time (primer+makeup) before moving on to the next one.

2. Eye Shadow Trio in Blooming Desert, Burt’s Bees | 100% natural and three saturated and rich colours: for an eyeshadow set sold in drugstores… WOW!

3. Brow Tech To Go Pencil in Taupe, Smashbow | Eyebrow pencils for blondes are 98% of the time either too red or too dark, so when I find one that I like, I hold on to it like my life depends on it. This guy is a two-in-one: one end holds the pencil and the other is filled with clear gel and a brush!

4. Smudge Kajal Eye Liner, Stila | Three years: that’s what it took to develop this eye pencil, specifically made to be applied on your waterline. Need I say more?

5. Perfect Glow Highlighting Powder, Annabelle | Because I like things to match, I completed my bronzed eyes with a golden and slightly sequinned blush. 

6. Sheer Gel Lipstick in Moody Margot, Marc Jacobs Beauty | I’ve had this hydrating lipstick for years and I can’t bear the thought of finishing it one day. #RIP

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