Noémiah X Very Joëlle: Our Capsule Collection Is Finally Out!

Like most good ideas, this one happened at cocktail hour.

Between two sips of wine:

Me: I miss fashion design sometimes…

Noémie (Noémiah’s founder and designer): We should do a collab!


OK, I’m over simplifying our conversation a bit, but unless you want this post to go on for another 12 000 words, these three sentences sum up pretty well how it all happened.

So here we are, ten months later, with a capsule collection of five beautiful garments that we are head-over-heels in love with. We first got inspired by the desert for the fabrics (fluid, natural looking and comfortable) and colours (rust, sage, sunset pink) and then by the women in my family, beautiful in both their strength and vulnerability, for silhouettes and the very essence of the collection. That is also why every piece is named after either my mom, my two sisters or my grandmothers. And the embroidery on the back of the coat? It’s based on a picture of my mom from the 70s.

Video by Melika Dez

At the launch, many of you asked me ‘who did what’ in terms of the collection. To be honest, it really was a dream collab: Noémie and I have such a complementary aesthetic which allowed us to do everything together, from sketching to picking fabrics to organizing the event.

So that’s it! I hope you like the collection because it was made with a huge amount of love and passion. For those of you who’d like to buy one or two or three or all the pieces, the line is available at and in store at Unicorn. ENJOY!

Micheline Coat | Justine Romper

Carmen Top | Hélène Pants


Justine Romper

Virginie Dress

Photos by Au coin de la rue | MUA Léonie Lévesque

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