#VeryPicky: What I’m Obsessed With These Days

After a couple of weeks of sick leave (*cough*, OK, “months”), it’s time for #VeryPicky’s big return! And let’s just say that we’re not short of nice things these days! Could I be amazed more easily because the sun is shining bright or because of those free flowing aperol spritz? Possibly both. The important thing is that I’ve gathered five beautiful style and beauty treasures that are to the eyes what fresh watermelon is to the tasting buds on a hot summer day.

So you know the drill: I’m telling you about local brands, either from here or elsewhere, that rank pretty high up on the scale of “nice-looking and well-thought-out”.

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Primrose Hair Bow by Heirloom Hats

Samantha plays two roles for me: a friend and an outstanding millinery. Her name rings a bell? You may have spotted her colourful berets between two likes on Instagram. My new obsession from Heirloom Hats: this straw bow I want to pin on my head every single day until next fall. Having worn it at the launch of my capsule collection in collab with Noémiah, I can assure you that it stays put even on really thin hair. Yay!

Sail Soft Wave Spray by R+Co

For those of you who may not have noticed: I’m growing my hair out, but there’s a catch. When you’re dealing with thin and semi-straight hair, long locks can easily fall into the “blah”, “no personality” or “I miss your short hair” category pretty quickly. With this spray though, she hello to your new Jeanne Damas-worthy hair! It creates waves like you just spent the day at the beach (*pun alert*) while preserving the flexibility and softness of your hair. How to use: I apply it on towel-dried hair, I then scrunch the lengths with my hands to create movement and then I let it dry naturally!

Swimsuit by Sande

This one piece makes me want to run on the beach in slow motion while shaking my hair like a tropical goddess. But instead of being Pamela running on Malibu’s coast, it’s me with my ghost-like skin running on Oka Beach. Over with the jokes folks: this simply perfect swimsuit is made in Montreal with high quality Italian fabric and I want it now. The brand even offers bespoke alterations to make you the babe of your local public pool.

Sunglasses by Voilé

Truth be told, I own like 12 crazy sunglasses and three super classic ones. And guess what? I’m always wearing the simpler ones. These ones, designed by the freshly launched Montreal brand Voilé, are close to perfection: they’re minimalist, but the geometric lines give it a “too cool for school” vibe that I totally want to sport this summer. That’s not all! Every pair is made with top quality German lenses and Italian hinges. The other thing I love about them: the line’s price range goes from 130 $ to 175 $. Wallet friendly, yes please!

Suit by Paloma Wool

I technically don’t have to buy both the jacket and the pants, but why deprive myself of the pleasure of a matching outfit? In fact, I’ve been craving one ever since I bumped into Karolane Rondeau wearing a vintage mint suit at the Little Burgundy’s 10th year anniversary party and this gorgeous number, by one of my favourite designers, Spain-based Paloma Lanna, might just be THE one. 

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