3 Outfits You’ll Want to Wear This Summer with H&M

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Oh summer: you thought it would never come back, eh? After 38 snowstorms in April only, we (once again) got through it. In times like these, I often catch myself saying stuff like: “It must be so cool living somewhere where it’s summer ALL YEAR long”. You know, those places where summer fashion means trading your t-shirt for a tank top?

But wait a second… Would we rejoice as much at spring’s arrival if there wasn’t any winter? I doubt it, my friends. The first day we can sport our new sandals or wear bare-legged our favourite dress would be a long forgotten bliss – it would turn into everyday stuff! Like with anything else, we would end up taking it all for granted and we’d find a way to complain that”it’s toooooo hot” or that humidity increases water retention.

To truly appreciate something, you must have experienced the other end of the spectrum. So now that it’s not -32ºC and more like 25ºC, what would you say if we fully embraced the new season by talking about spring fashion? I’ve put together three looks, in collab with H&M, that portray three current trends (more like five, because some looks are sooo #fashun that they showcase more than one). The plan? I give you some styling tips, I make a couple of jokes along the way and then, it’s your turn to live the summer of your dreams in the outfit of your dreams.


Jacket, pants et sandals by H&M

I love the idea of a structured suit like in Working Girl, but if you tell me that I can get away with one looking like my PJ’s still looking super professional, count me in! What’s nice about this one is that the blouse doubles up as a jacket: layer it on top of a t-shirt during daytime and over a lace bodysuit at night.

There’s more. Did you notice the print? It’s hard to miss, I know. Vintage flowers – think of a wallpaper from the 50’s – are everywhere this summer and let’s just say that wearing them head-to-toe is a nice way to give them the tribute they deserve. Spray yourself with a floral perfume for a 100% on-theme outfit.


Blouse, skirt and boots by H&M

For the girls who only swear by black, white and beige, I’m warning you: What you’re about to read might upset your pretty eyes.

Ever since my love letter to maximalism, my obsession with anything bold and funky hasn’t faded a slightest bit. Mixing colours (and textures!) that semi-go together: yes, please! I’m clearly not the only one digging that trend. Just by taking look at the runways or the stylish gals around me, eclecticism is clearly at its peak.

I still took it easy for that one though (I could have added a baby pink plaid jacket for a heightened version), but whichever way you decide to incarnate this trend, the priority is to mix unexpected elements together: emerald green with lavender boots, a brocard skirt with an embroidered blouse. By kind of not going together, it kinda does, right?


Blouse, pants and earrings by H&M

Since I wasn’t born in the 80s, it’s the kind of news that gets me excited: a second chance to experience the most over-the-top decade of the whole 20th century! Puffy sleeves, pleated high-waisted pants, bling bling earrings: I can’t even grasp why people stopped wearing these wonderful things in the first place. I dare you to try to have a bad day when wearing a top that looks like a Walt Disney’s princess outfit: NO WAY.

If you want to channel that era differently, try slipping into sequined clothes or accessories, draped and ruched garments (look up “ruching” on Google if you don’t know what I’m talking about) or commuting to work with your Walkmen and a Eurythmics cassette. And just in case some of you are wondering: the perm is not back. Sorry.

Another thing you should note with this ensemble: the mint top. If you’re as much in love with pastels as I am, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re a thing this summer (again, I know!), from pale pink to lavender. And most of all: Have fun mix’n’matching them together. Too much is never enough.

Photos by Melika Dez

*This post is sponsored by H&M, but opinions are mine.

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