My 18 Summer Beauty Essentials

No, you don’t need to buy those 18 beauty products to have the “perfect summer beauty routine”. Still, during summertime, heat waves and sweat are part of our everyday reality, so we must tweak our beauty ritual a little if we don’t want to look like a Barbie coming out of a microwave. Makeup, skin and hair care, here are the products I’m keeping close by this summer.


1. Tinted balm by Olio E Osso

I’ve recently praised this product on Instagram, but I’m mentioning it again in case you were at an internet-free cottage when it happened. This dual tinted balm — it can be used on your cheeks and pout — is made from olive and shea oils, beeswax and grapefruit essential oil.

2. Master Bronze by Maybelline New York

Mutli-use products are the holy grail of cosmetics. This palette, with its two highlighters and two bronzers, doubles up as an eyeshadow set perfect to achieve a super luminous tone-on-tone look.

3. Liquid Eyeshadow Shimmer & Glow by Stila

This eyeshadow deserves a loud and clear “OMG!!!”. First, its liquid formula offers a colour intensity that I’ve never seen elsewhere. Second, unlike powdery eyeshadows, this one doesn’t crease. I swear: try it once and you’ll be hooked.

4. Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen by Covergirl

Avoid suffocating your skin during summer months by choosing lighter formulated products. This sheer coverage concealer is enriched with vitamins E, B3 and B5 which nourishes and reenergizes our poor little tired eyes.

5. Workout Makeup Foundation SPF 40 by Clinique

This tinted SPF formula is incredible: it’s light but still offers a fair amount of coverage. The whole Workout line, specifically made for physical activity, doesn’t block pores and is meant to last from morning to evening. (FYI, my two other favourites from the same line: the waterproof mascara which dissolves easily in warm water (aka you don’t have to strip you entire eyelid to remove it) and the liquid blush that temporarily tints your cheeks for the day.)

6. Makeup Fixer Sport Addicted by Pupa

Because sweat is part of summer downsides, a mist that seals makeup AND delivers a refreshing boost after a long Bixi ride is kind of a makeup essential in my book.

7. Superhero Liner by IT Cosmetics

Truth: I’m always skeptical when it comes to felt tip eyeliners. They always tend to dry up which makes the product application near impossible… But not this time! This waterproof liner creates precise lines without having to go over the same spot 32 times. The formula is even infused with peptides, collagen, biotin and keratin to improve your eyelashes’ overall health. AW-MAZING.

8. Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick by Rimmel

Am I the only one who has a hard time finding a nude lip shade that doesn’t make me look like I just dipped my lips in a bottle of foundation? That liquid lipstick comes in 28 different colours, half of them being in the soft beige and pink family, and pretty much solved my problem.


1. Blonde Beautifier BlondeMe Instant Blush by Schwarzkopf, in Ice

(I know, it’s the Strawberry shade pictured here, but I was sleep-deprived that day. Sorryyyyyy.)

For the second time in six months, I faced my fear head on and I tried temporary hair dyes. The line, specifically made for blondes, comes in four shades, but I have to admit that Ice is my favourite one: it gives my blond hair an edgy lavender shine that I looove. What’s more? It goes away after three of four washes.

*Be careful: the application can be a bit messy, so watch out for your clothes and objects around you.

2. Silky Oil Oléo Touch by Mistik

This Montreal-made oil is amazing at taming flyaways, one of the many joys of summer humidity. And since it’s enriched with cranberry, linen and sea buckthorn oils, it nourishes and untangles your hair while protecting it from sun rays.

3. Lait de soie Aura Botanica by Kérastase

Looking for a heavy-duty product to sleek frizzy hair? This smoothing leave-in milk makes sure you hair stays silky even in extreme humid conditions for 96 hours straight (that’s four days, ladies!). What’s cool about it: you don’t need to use a blowdryer to activate its superpowers. The hot summer wind will do just fine!

4. All Soft Mega Mask by Redken

Poor hair! Sun, pool water, hair dyes, hot hair tools: there’s no shortage of harmful factors when it comes to hair. To give it back its softness from younger days, I apply this super moisturizing mask on my hair for five minutes and voilà! The treatment continues to work its magic for up to three shampoos.

5. Eau de parfum Fresh Linens by CLEAN

What smells better than freshly washed clothes? Freshly washed clothes dried outdoors! This eau de parfum recreates that scent perfectly, evoking precious childhood memories. It’s also available in travel size for those who’d like to carry that comforting smell at the other end of the world.


1. AHAs & Enzymes Resurfacing Mask by Korres

Once a week, I take “purifying” to the next level by using this mask made for oily to combination skin. It contains pomegranate grains, glycolic acid and enzymes which all work towards eliminating dead skins. It also reduces sebum overproduction and minimizes the appearance of pores, thanks to the use of white clay and white willow.

2. Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 by Aveeno

Pale or dark, protecting your skin all year around should be everybody’s priority. I like multitasking products so I tend to love moisturizers that also offers sun protection, like this one, which has an SPF 30 and is made for sensitive skin (hey, that’s me!).

3. Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment by Neutrogena

Like I said earlier, my skin is a lot more acne-prone during hot summer months. When I see the hint of a breakout, I put this pen on top of it for two minutes, up to three times a day, to stop it from getting bigger. The secret? It produces red and blue lights which reduce inflammation and cancel out the bacteria responsible for acne.

4. Vit C Brightening Cleanser by Rodial

Summer means vacation, fruity cocktails and weekends spent at my in-laws’ pool. Unfortunately, it also means sweat, sebum overload and, consequently, breakouts. This cleanser, made with vitamin C and AHA fruit acids, brightens, gently exfoliates and purifies the skin after each wash.

5. SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask by Clarins

It’s basically like a tall glass of water for your face! I apply this mask after a long day spent in the sun for a refreshing, hydrating and plumping effect, provided by the presence of the leaf of life and hyaluronic acid.

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