12 Sunglasses to Buy Based on Your Personality

Sometimes, all you need to upgrade a “meh” outfit to an “omg, Rihanna would be so proud!” outfit is a pair of sunglasses. And now that they are bolder and more colourful than ever, it’s time to experiment and have some fun.

Instead of telling you which sunglasses to buy based on your face shape (I don’t believe in those rules, anyway!), I’ve decided to list you the five biggest trends of the season and pair them with different personality types. After all, if the saying states that “the eyes are the windows of the soul”, well I say, so are your sunglasses!


If you answer “Elton John” when you’re being asked about your style icon, no need to look further, I’ve got the shades you need. With that kind of sunglasses, people will mistake you for a celebrity whose name they just don’t remember: «I know her! It’s that girl from that movie…» I swear, you’re going to feel like Jerry Hall walking into Studio 54. Except your name is Sarah and you’ve just walked into a Starbucks. 

Sunglasses Jimmy Choo| Top Aritzia| Pants H&M
Left: Sunglasses Italia Independent| Blouse Frank & Oak| Right: Sunglasses Jimmy Choo| Shirt vintage


You used to watch Clueless in elementary school and think “Wow, high school is going to be so cool!” And then you started Sec 1 and reality hit you right in the face. Tiny sunglasses — let’s be honest, they give you more style cred than actual sun protection — are THE look of the summer. When I see Bella Hadid wearing a pair, accessorized with two thin strands of hair framing her face and a crop top, it only reminds me that I’m old enough to see my childhood trends go back in style. #28GoingOn123

Sunglasses BLANK available at Citizen Vintage| Camisole H&M| Jeans Frank & Oak
Sunglasses Bonlook| Jacket Frank & Oak


Those sunnies are the physical incarnation of a girl who drives stick, who waxes her legs all by herself and who, if need be, can open a beer bottle with her teeth. In her spare time, she likes boxing, swimming with great white sharks on the coast of South Africa and spitting fire while listening to Livin’ On a Prayer. Oh right, she’s also the one who got her nipple pierced and told her friends “it didn’t hurt at all”. Sounds like you? Here are some shades to match your coolness.

Vintage Missoni sunglasses available at Framd Studio| Coat COS| Top vintage | Shorts Aritzia
Sunglasses Italia Independent| Top and pants COS
Sunglasses Dior| Chemise vintage


I’ve never seen a girl who wore cat eye sunglasses who wasn’t also coquette. They’re intrinsically connected, like peanut butter and jam or Ross and Rachel. Big time lover of the cat eye shape, here’s a bit about you. You own enough lingerie to striptease for your other significant half once week for an entire year without ever wearing the same ensemble twice. If you bumped into Jean-Luc Godard, you’d become his muse in less time than it takes to say “Anna Karina”. And when you walk, it’s on the sound of Incognito by Céline Dion. Meow!

Sunglasses Bonlook| Dress and hair clips H&M
Sunglasses Bonlook| Jacket Frank & Oak


The really important thing when you wear coloured lenses is to never forget that other people can see you looking at them. So if eye contact is your thing, you’ve just found your dream shades. You’re also the one who gets shivers down her spine when you see the #mybeigelife hashtag and you seriously wonder why they haven’t come out with sunglasses that change colours like mood rings. You answer “royal parrot” when someones asks you about your astrological ascendant and, up to this day, Pleasantville is still you favourite movie ever.

Sunglasses BLANK available at Citizen Vintage| Coat COS| Top and pants Frank & Oak
Sunglasses Adidas| Blouse Frank & Oak

Photos (not on the white background, the other ones!) by Melika Dez

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