How to Transition Your Beauty Routine From Summer to Fall

Each season calls for its own set of beauty rules and if there’s one transition that is equally exciting as it is tricky, it’s going from summer to fall. 

Summer is all about the nonchalant I-woke-up-like-this attitude: your glow is actual sweat, your makeup is reduced to its purest form—because who needs a full face when spending most of one’s time in a lake—, and your hair is effortlessly worthy of a beach goddess.

Fall, on the other hand, requires a more thought-out approach. Your skin tends to feel dry and itchy, your makeup just doesn’t give the same luminous finish it used to, and your hair, weakened by summer’s elements and now battling autumn’s irritants, is on the verge of ultimate breakdown.

Want to segue smoothly into the dreaded colder months? Read on, ladies. I’m sharing with you some beauty advice that will make your skin, body, and hair forever thankful.


A hairstylist recently told me that whatever your skin is going through during cold months, your hair is having the same struggle. But just because the symptoms are not as uncomfortable as let say, dry and itchy skin, we tend to forget about our mane needs.

First things first: fix damages summer may have left behind. Sun, chlorine, salty water, our hair is pretty much in agony right now. For the blondes out there, you may have noticed that, on top of dryness and lack of shine, your hair colour has shifted to unwanted brassiness territories. Though it’s a normal side effect of enjoying summer life, it doesn’t mean you should leave it that way. And that’s when the Color Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner by Redken comes in! Made with ultra violet pigments, they neutralize yellowish undertones on the spot giving you visible results right from the first wash. The system also uses a powerful Triple Acid Protein Complex which repairs your damaged mane by fortifying hair cuticles and preventing any further breakage. It’s basically your fall savior. 

To preserve all that goodness, make sure you apply a thermal protection spray before using any hot tools and finish off your style by rubbing a small amount of hair oil on your ends and working your way up. It will tame flyaways and add an extra dose of hydration. Yay!

Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditionner


There are two reasons why we tend to simplify our makeup routine in the summer: heatwaves destroy everything on their path, eyeliner and such, and our healthy beachy tan makes us look naturally more well-rested. As soon as fall hits, those two arguments are thrown out of the window and we’re left with infinite freedom to experiment with our makeup.

First of all, I tend to have dry skin during this time of year, so switching to a moisturizing foundation has proven to be really helpful. To avoid having a “blah” complexion, go for creamy and rich formulas, from concealer to blush and highlighter. They will give you that dewy look you thought you’d never see again until next year. 

With your base covered, now is time to have fun! Fall is THE season to try bolder makeup looks, because in addition to just holding onto your face better, they infuse life back into an otherwise gloomy season. Based on my personal likings and what stood out from the F/W 18 runway shows, it’s all about the eyes or the lips. If the former speaks to you, go all out with bold colours or metallic shades. Feeling intimidated? Start with a funky eyeliner for daytime and build a more intense look with an eyeshadow for a special occasion. Don’t forget to use an eyeshadow primer to make sure your efforts don’t go to waste after your first glass of wine.

If lipstick rocks your boat, I suggest you reconcile with shiny and shimmering options, because on top of being trendy again, they tend to be way less drying than their matte versions. Finally, to keep cracked lips at bay, exfoliate gently twice a week and slather on lip balm before going to bed and starting your makeup, and don’t forget to remove the excess before applying your lipstick.

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The biggest mistake some of us do is ditching our sunscreen when temperature drops. We wrongly associate “heat” with “UVA and UVB rays”, when they’re actually harming us all year around. Especially when there’s snow involved, it pretty much reflects back all the bad stuff into our face. So make sure you go for a minimum of SPF 30.

Back to dry skin. One of the reasons why that happens is because all the elements are joining forces to make your skin go crazy: going from hot to cold, braving icy winds, dealing with little sunlight, etc. This all translates into a weakened skin barrier and, basically, a reduced oil production. To make sure your skin gets all the hydration it needs, steer away from drying products containing alcohol or cleansers that lather too much. So what should you add to your routine then? Serums and potent face creams made with super moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides (naturally found in the skin) and hyaluronic acid.

One last thing: to multiply your skincare benefits, do a weekly at-home peeling mask. It acts a bit like a mechanical scrub, but ten times better: there’s no chance of over-exfoliating and it’s just more efficient at getting rid of dead cells, letting all your beloved creams penetrate better into your skin.

The skin on the rest of your body is less fragile than your face, so a regular body scrub, a dry brush or an exfoliating glove will do the job. Most of all: don’t skip moisturizing, especially as we tend to over indulge in super long hot showers. If your face is thirsty, the rest of your body is too. 

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 This post was created in partnership with Redken.

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