Gift Guide: 37 Finds by Local Designers to Spoil Your Favourite People

Writing this article made realize that Christmas is only two weeks away. In other words: it gives you a good idea about my organizational skills and how far I am regarding the gifts I have to buy. To my defence, if this post caught your eye, chances are you’re probably in a very similar situation. So welcome, last-minute aficionado!

Not to be a party pooper here, but Christmas is unfortunately a holiday that promotes over-consumption, from gifts to wine (let’s be honest: we’re kind of tipsy non-stop for a whole week) and turkey soaked in gravy (I’m hungry). With this gift guide, my goal is not to convince you to buy MORE stuff, but to buy BETTER stuff for your loved ones. I’ve thus gathered a bunch of beautiful objects, from earrings to ceramic mugs, all carefully made by local designers.


*Intro photo: @wildehousepaper

Velvet turban, Heirloom Hats, 78 $,

Eucalyptus and cranberry seeds shower gel, Skog, 17 $,

Poster, mpgmb, 80 $,

Throwing game made out of recycled wood and other materials, Lükky, 80 $, 

(FIY: It’s my dad who makes them and they’re BEAUTIFUL! He’s at Puces Pop this weekend (Dec 7-9) and if you can’t make it, he also offers delivery in the Greater Montreal area.) 

Silk scarf, Noémiah X Helsinki mon amour, 41,44 $,

Sterling silver necklace with freshwater pearl, L’Amoureuse, 95 $,

Pear, maple and vanilla jam, Dimanche Matin, 9 $,

Tonic for sensitive skin, Idoine, 26 $,

Sleep mask, Aleur, 65 $,

Figures de style magazine, 17 $,

Brass ring, Ora-C, 204 $,

Sage, cedarwood and moss bath salts, LVNEA, 36 $,

Merino wool headband, Estelle & Lucille, 45 $,

Jade roller, Bkind, 30 $,

Period underwear, Thinx, 46,60 $,

*Note that these undies are from an American brand and thus not locally made, but they are nonetheless ethical and, in my opinion, an amazing gift for your girlfriend or sister. 

Dark chocolate, Qantu, 12 $,

Mani + pedi gift certificate, Primerose, 65 $,

2019 planner, Baltic Club, 35 $,

Anaïs necklace, Deux Lions, 90 $,

Reusable bag, Dans le sac, 12 $,

Cassis, chocolate and pear granola, Les Minettes, 9,50 $,

Crew neck sweater, Nil, 120 $,

Ceramic cup, YYY, 58 $,

Resurrection micro-exfoliator, 7 Deadly Soaps, 47 $,

Corsé magazine, 14,95 $,

Canvas bag, De l’île, 35 $,


Notebook, Marlone, 22 $,

Asymmetrical earrings, Nina.nanas, 175 $,

Suede mocassins, Maguire, 185 $,

Bralette and panty, Stay Soft, 56 $ and 52 $,

Ambiance mist, Parva Fabrica, 14,50 $,

Wool scarf, Esser, 85 $,

Leather earrings, Miljours, 45 $,

Lime and Ho wood hand soap , Atelier La Vie Apothicaire, 22 $,

Dark caramels set, La Lichée, 7 $,

Massage oil, Enamour, 25 $,

Gold plated brass earrings, LLY Atelier, 205 $,

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