Holistic Beauty: I Got an Ayurvedic Facial

When I’m super stressed, I get a pimple on my chin. When I’m sleep-deprived, my complexion is dull. When heaters are running at full speed, like right now as I’m writing this post, I get an eczema rash around my eyes.

I tried an Ayurvedic facial as part of the new holistic beauty movement.

In other words, there’s no way I can dodge life’s annoyances, because my skin never fails to remind me of their presence through a series of physical manifestations. You too? That’s what I thought. Our skin condition is a direct reflexion of whatever’s happening in our lives, internally (hormones, lack of sleep, stress, nutrition) and externally (change of seasons, sun exposure, pollution). As a result, shouldn’t our skincare regimen be tailored not only to our skin type, but also to our lifestyle?

That’s what Vanessa Tavaglione, beauty therapist and founder of Seed & Rind, thinks. Whether it’s through her personalized natural skincare products or the beauty treatments she performs at her studio in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, they all stem from a holistic philosophy. 

I tried an Ayurvedic facial as part of the new holistic beauty movement.
Vanessa’s cute and peaceful office in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

A couple of weeks ago, Vanessa offered me a one-on-one appointment with her. And as someone who never says no to a mysteriously-named treatment—we all remember the vajacial—, I obviously went for the Ayurvedic Facial

Ayurveda: a form of alternative medicine that is the traditional system of medicine of India and seeks to treat and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a comprehensive holistic approach especially by emphasizing diet, herbal remedies, exercise, meditation, breathing, and physical therapy.

Like a face massage combined with the powers of aromatherapy, it was the best moment of relaxation a busy gal like me could hope for. Did I fall asleep at some point? Maybe not, maybe most likely. As for my skin, I hadn’t seen it looking that good in a long time! Right after my session, I immediately noticed how extra luminous, plumped, and soft it was—results that, thankfully, lasted for many days after that.

Want to dig deeper into the world of comprehensive beauty? Vanessa, who is a certified holistic nutrionist and Ayurvedic practitioner, explains everything there is to know about this new way of looking at skincare. It’s interesting, refreshing, and you can officially count me in.

I tried an Ayurvedic facial as part of the new holistic beauty movement.

What is the difference between a ‘regular’ beauty treatment and a holistic one?

For me, a holistic approach starts with asking a specific set of questions:

  • What are the factors that may have led the skin to its current state? Which combination of elements and complementary techniques could be used to treat it?
  • What is the person’s state of mind? How can I adapt my method and overall atmosphere to fit her mood?
  • How can I inspire her to actively participate in the improvement of her skin’s health?

By asking those questions, it allows me to provide a highly personalized service that takes into consideration the person as a whole.

Can you tell me what is an ayurvedic facial exactly?

Ayurvedic beauty is mostly about observing the expression of doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kappha), the three organizational energies of the mind and body, which have a direct impact on the skin. They’re influenced by numerous factors, such as age, lifestyle, diet, etc. Basically, an Ayurvedic treatment is meant to recalibrate doshas in order to achieve perfect balance.

Once that analysis is done, I can alter the facial accordingly, from the different steps involved (cleansing, exfoliation, tonification, ayurvedic facial massaging and masking) to the organic skincare that is used.

The treatment that I offer always includes a second massage with a kansa wand. It’s an Ayurvedic tool that not only smoothes out fine lines, balances skin’s pH, and promotes lymphatic drainage, it also stimulates marma points, which are energy centres linked to different parts of the body.

Other than that, the benefits of an Ayurvedic facial are endless. You’ll enjoy a better overall glow, rejuvenated skin, a relief of symptoms associated with chronicle skin disorders, elimination of toxins, cell renewal… the list goes on and on! I also pay close attention to awakening the senses through aromatherapy, touch, and sounds.

Between two sessions with you, how can I embrace the Ayurvedic philosophy at home?

First, you can self-massage your face and body with oils tailored to your needs. You can also take therapeutic baths or cover your face with a compress soaked in floral water.

For an easy homemade mask that is both highly hydrating and anti-inflammatory, here’s what I recommend. Mix 1 tbsp of raw organic honey with a pinch of curcuma and add rose water until you get the desired consistency. Apply it all over your face and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

I’m beyond amazed that you custom-make all your skincare products. Can you tell me more about that?

I developed that service because, like for my treatments, I believe in the importance of choosing the right ingredients for the right skin. Hence, every product is unique and made-to-order. It also evolves throughout the year, depending on which internal and external changes the person is going through.

I tried an Ayurvedic facial as part of the new holistic beauty movement.

If a client wants a customized skincare routine, she must answer a ‘skin dosha’ questionnaire first. After that, we’ll take a moment to discuss her needs and expectations more in-depth. Cleanser, scrub, mask, serum, facial or eye balm, body oil, compress formula; I make pretty much everything.

What does your at-home routine look like?

In the morning, I wash my face with lukewarm water and dry it with an organic cotton cloth. Then I spray it with organic rose water and delicately dab it onto my face, which helps the product penetrate while stimulating circulation. With my face completely relaxed (it sounds trivial, but it’s really important!), I apply a serum tailored to my skin and massage my face for a couple of minutes, always making sure to use upward motions. I finish with a lightly tinted natural zinc-oxide sunscreen and then proceed with makeup.

At night, it’s pretty much the same thing, except that I’ll use a gentle cleanser, often oil-based, which doubles up as a makeup remover. I also like perfuming my skin with essential oils before going to bed, which is both an indulgent and therapeutic ritual at the same time.

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