5 Clean and Sheer Foundations for Those Who Don’t Like Foundation

5 sheer and clean foundations by Joëlle Paquette
Currently wearing ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation and my favourite headband by Heirloom Hats :)

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you on Instagram if you wore foundation. To my great surprise, very little of you do. 

In my case, foundation has been a beauty essential of mine for as long as I can remember. Or for as long as I can remember having pimples, the by-product of my dear hormones. Camouflaging those ‘imperfections’—I hate that word. We need to find a replacement. Any suggestions?—is my way of temporarily fixing the issue and get on with my day. In other words, I don’t use foundation because I love it, but because I feel like I need it. I know, it sucks. But read on, there’s light at the end of the tunnel ;) 

In the past six months, I’ve been experimenting with sheerer foundations, closer to tinted moisturizers. At first nerve-racking, it’s a choice that has proven to be increasingly liberating. I know. It may sound like a trivial change to most of you. But for me, it’s like I was finally letting my skin express itself freely instead of censoring it. Taking care of it instead of getting angry at it. Its fluctuations are not my biggest ennemies that I must despise and fight against at whatever cost. They’re just there. They exist. They’re the reflection of a living and breathing body that’s just trying to do its best.

Okay, back to you—you who don’t use foundation: that’s AMAZING news! It means you’re comfortable with and in your skin. Congrats! Still, many admitted of not using foundation because they either a) didn’t know how to apply it b) didn’t like the mask-like effect. 

In the light of my recent cosmetic findings, let me tell you this: forget about heavy, FaceTune-worthy, foundations. In the long run, they won’t do any good to your skin, neither to your self-esteem. Alternatively, here’s what I suggest: light formulas that enhance your skin inside out. By ‘inside’, I mean products with added skincare benefits. And by ‘out’, I mean sheer foundations that will even out your complexion without making it feel estranged to you.

No need to turn the internet upside down to unearth those aforementioned formulas: I found five that check all the boxes in addition to being application-friendly! So forget about watching dozens of Youtube makeup tutorials or trying to steal fancy makeup artists’ techniques. Your fingers and a mirror should should be more than plenty.

5 sheer and clean foundations by Joëlle Paquette

True Skin Serum Foundation by ILIA

What is it? The name says it all. It’s a buildable medium coverage foundation with serum-like superpowers.

How is it good to your skin? Thanks to a handful of botanical ingredients, such as rose hip, jojoba and marula oils, it neutralizes redness, soothes irritations, and plumps up the skin.

Application tip: Use your fingers to make the product fuse with your skin. It’s even better if you can simultaneously listen to 2 Become 1 by the Spice Girls.

Buy it here.

5 sheer and clean foundations by Joëlle Paquette

Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation by BITE

What is it? It’s BITE’s first foray outside of the lip realm, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Longwear, customizable coverage and 32 shades: Darlings, what else could we possible ask for?

How is it good to your skin? It’s nourishing, thanks to the extra dose of antioxidant-rich maqui berries. Plus, its micellar technology replicates skin’s texture to recreate the most flawless finish.

Application tip: Start from the center of your face and spread the product outwards. Whether you’re using your fingers or a sponge, make sure to dab and not rub. Besides being less irritating to your skin, the result will be much more harmonious.

Buy it here.

5 sheer and clean foundations by Joëlle Paquette

BB Cream by Lily Lolo

What is it? A light coverage silicon-free foundation made from mineral pigments. 

How is it good to your skin? It boasts anti-ageing properties and is filled with hyaluronic acid, organic aloe, and jojoba oil. Meaning: it’s your one-way to ticket to moisturized-and-glowing-skin land.

Application tip: Don’t forget to put some on your top eyelids. A little trick that goes a long way in convincing people you’ve just had your best night of sleep. (And now there’s no need to tell you binge-watched Unbelievable until dawn.) 

Buy it here.

5 sheer and clean foundations by Joëlle Paquette

Tinted Face Oil Foundation by Kosas

What is it? A hydrating and weightless foundation that takes as little as ’10 seconds’ to apply. Well, that’s what the website says.

How is it good to your skin? Look at that, jojoba oil saves the day (and your skin) once again. Here, it works alongside avocado and red raspberry seed oils, delivering soothing, hydrating, toning, and regenerative perks all in one quick motion.

Application tip: Because it’s quite concentrated, start with two to four drops for your whole face and add more for increased coverage. 

Buy it here. 

5 sheer and clean foundations by Joëlle Paquette

CC Cream by Sappho New Paradigm

What is it? If you want that coveted glow and seamless skin texture—a positive side effect to the use of light-diffusing minerals—, this is your new best friend. 

How is it good to your skin? Enriched with aloe organic juice, it’s like handing a quenching tall glass of water to our thirsty skin. 

Application tip: Delicately massage the product on your face just like you would with your regular moisturizer. Yup, it’s that easy.

Buy it here.


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