Made in Quebec: My Ultimate List of Local Beauty Brands

Do you ever catch yourself saying: “I’d love to buy a face moisturizer or hair shampoo made here, in Quebec, but I have no idea where to look»? 

You’re not alone. My sisters too. My friends too. Many, many women on Instagram too. My iMessage and DMs don’t lie.

Well, like The Pussycat Dolls said one too many times in this horrible song, be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it. (Why I remember those lyrics is beyond me.) In non-Nicole Scherzinger words, that means I put together a directory of ALL the local beauty brands you should know about! A little bit like the one I did for Montreal fashion, but this time, it’s all about nourishing serums and amazing haircare.

Aside from geolocation, the brands I selected are all clean (no parabens, phtalates, synthetic fragrance, PEGS, and other harmful ingredients), cruelty-free, and, for the most part, 100% natural. The last selection criterion: design. The beauty world is a highly sensory one and, in my humble opinion, the look of a product plays a big role in the overall quality of your self-care ritual.

In terms of makeup, trust me, I really wanted to include some! But apparently, it’s a rarity in this province. Especially when you’re looking for clean, effective, and good-looking options. To all the entrepreneurial souls out there: get to it, it’s an overly under-exploited niche.

So, there you go! If ever you feel like I forgot about some brands, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments. I’ll try to update the liste every now and then. 


Directory of clean beauty brands made in Quebec.

7 Deadly Soaps | Alper Oils | Alvéole | Amour Propre | Apprenti Organik | Audre | Belle & Candide | Bër | BKIND

Directory of clean beauty brands made in Quebec.

Chanv | Cucamanga | Deux Cosmétiques | Écoderma | Eluo | Embody Soap Co. | Énamour | Étymologie | Cocooning Love

Directory of clean beauty brands made in Quebec.

Fey | Groom | Hair Routine | Idoine | Inédit Cosmétiques | Jazmin Saraï | La Vie | Les CocoNuts | Les Lares

Directory of clean beauty brands made in Quebec.

LVNEA | Miëlle | MÜ Skincare | Nuphar | Öl Cosmétiques | Omy | PALO by Aimée & Mia | Parva Fabrica | Pravi

Boutiques québécoises qui vendent des produits de beauté locaux et naturels.

Seed & Rind | Selv | Stéphanie B. | Suum | Ta peau ton fruit | The Unscented Company | Wild Grace | Wise| La Maison Lavande | Savonnerie des Diligences | Savan | Clotilde du Balai


Here is a selection of boutiques selling tons of beauty made in Quebec! Some of them are full on beauty destinations, whereas some others, on top of selling cosmetics, also carry clothes, home decor, etc.

Directory of Montreal boutiques selling clean beauty products made in Quebec.

Beauties Lab | Betina Lou | Etiket | Evelyne | La Loge | Miljours | Primerose | Station Service | Vidra


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