I Found 20 Made-In-Quebec Fashion Items, All Under 100$

Fashion finds made in Quebec under 100 $ by Joëlle Paquette

Generally speaking —so when there’s no global pandemic happening—, I prefer not to focus too much on price when it comes to sustainable fashion.

A good quality product that abides to a strict code of ethics, both social and environmental, will always cost more. It’s a fact. Otherwise, stores like H&M and Topshop would not exist.

But with the COVID-19 crisis, we’re in a peculiar limbo. Our conscience and our wallet are not on the same page. At all.

On one hand, we want to support our local economy. Buy from our favourite local companies. Make sure they’ll still be standing after the storm has passed.

Oppositely, we’re not necessarily in the mood for spending our precarious income, which feels more like post-apocalyptic money right now, on frivolous stuff. Something that’s even truer for those who have lost their jobs. Spoiling myself with a 300$ organic cotton dress made in Montreal? Sounds nice, but not the best timing.

Ladies, I get you. I’m going through the same dilemma.

And that’s why I decided to write this post: 20 clothes and accessories made in Quebec, all under 100$.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to devaluate the hard work of designers or create a culture of ‘discount hunters’. But right now, with everything going on, I thought it would be a good way of answering both sides’ needs and expectations.

I’m also aware that 100 $ is not necessarily cheap either. Especially right now. But with Zara selling dresses up to 259 $, it seemed like a fair price for living by our values :)

Okay, enough seriousness for today. Now, let’s do some shopping!

Aleur cardigan made in Quebec

1. Indoor and/or outdoor cardigan, Aleur

Miljours earrings made in Quebec

2. Earrings made from leather scraps , Miljours

Odeyalo white t-shirt made in Quebec

3. The perfect white t-shirt, Odeyalo

Noémiah scarf made in Quebec

4. A scarf for your neck, hair, waist, and everything, Noémiah 

L'amoureuse sterling silver necklace made in Quebec

5. Sterling silver necklace, L’amoureuse

Eliza Faulkner turtleneck made in Quebec

6. Airy turtleneck, Eliza Faulkner

Saskia V. sterling silver ring made in Quebec

7. A ring to engrave with the letter of your choice, Saskia V.

Heirloom headband made in Quebec

8. Headband for good AND bad hair days, Heirloom

Partoem dog necklace made in Quebec

9. Leather dog necklace (because they deserve to look pretty too), Partoem

Marigold turtleneck made in Quebec

10. Summer turtleneck, Marigold

Caulis tube top made in Quebec

11. Knit tube top, Caulis

Mercedes Morin waist bag made in Quebec

12. This waist bag is your errands’ new best friend, Mercedes Morin

Rightful Owner top made in Quebec

13. A head scarf to spice up your (quarantine) life, Rightful Owner

Esser belt made in Quebec

14. A useful or purely decorative belt, Esser

Sokoloff organic cotton bralette made in Quebec

15. A bralette to feel gorgeous and comfortable all at once, Sokoloff

This Ilk earrings made in Quebec

16. Earrings to show off at your next Zoom meeting, This Ilk

Veri top made in Quebec

17. An appropriate whatever-the-occasion-is top, Veri

Sisterhood by Sarah Holmes scrunchies made in Quebec

18. Scrunchies for your fast growing hair, Sisterhood by Sarah Holmes

Lustre top made in Quebec

19. A top with sleeves resembling spring tulips, Lustre

Citizen Vintage scarf top made in Quebec

20. A scarf top that makes us miss better picnic days, Citizen Vintage Studio


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