25 Gift Ideas for the Local and Ethical Fashion Lover

If there’s one thing we learned during the pandemic is the importance of buying local. For the sake of our planet, our economy, our autonomy, and our community. And also how, when a big number of people decide to support each other and slack off on Amazon orders, we can accomplish great things. Efforts that have resulted, I’m sure, in many people finally realizing that what is made here, in Quebec, is actually preeetty great. Especially local fashion.

Quick question: Did you discover many new local fashion brands since last March? I bet you did. And probably your mother, your sister, and your friends, too.

So, with the holidays coming up, what should you get them? Local fashion, obviously! And before you ask: I know handmade goods can be pricey. Plus, unless you’re really sure of yourself, giving a dress to your mom (regardless of how beautiful it is) is kind of a long shot, like my dad would say.

So I took those two factors into consideration, budget and “giveability” (a word that should totally exist, btw), to give you 25 gift suggestions all from local brands and designers, from jewellery to clothes to different types of accessories. Also, don’t forget about gift cards either—they allow you to spend the amount of money you’re comfortable with, spoil someone you love, and support local talents. So, ready for some shopping?

*If you’re planning on buying your gifts online, order as soon as possible. Even when there’s no pandemic, the post is a mess during the holidays. So this year, get ready to expect pure chaos. So please, DON’T WAIT.

Hannah Isolde sweatpants and sweater both made in Montreal

1. Loungewear sweater and sweatpants, Hannah Isolde, sweater $170 and sweatpants $190

Asymmetrical silver earrings with pearl and personalized stone by Captve

2. Asymmetrical silver earrings with pearl and stone of your choice, Captve, $155

Felt hair bows by Heirloom Hats

3. Felt hair bows, Heirloom Hats, $32

Cotton loungewear set by Em & May

4. Cotton loungewear set, Em & May, bralette $64 and shorts $64

Gold plated earrings by WellDunn

5. Gold plated earrings, WellDunn, $35

Removable collar by Eliza Faulkner

6. Removable collar, Eliza Faulkner, $115

Socks knitted in Montreal by Nil Apparel

7. Socks knitted in Montreal, Nil, $24

Adjustable silver ring by YUUN

8. Adjustable silver ring, YUUN, $120

Scrunchies set by Aleur

9. Scrunchie set, Aleur, $30

Ear cuff in sterling silver and freshwater pearls by L'Amoureuse

10. Ear cuff in sterling silver and freshwater pearls, L’Amoureuse, $72

Classic turtleneck in bamboo and merino wool by Betinal Lou

11. Classic bamboo and merino wool turtleneck, Betina Lou, $95

Leather dog necklace by Partoem

12. Dog leather necklace, Partoem, $49

Brass earrings by Ora-C

13. Brass earrings, Ora-C, $100

Poly-cotton mask by Augustin & Co

14. Poly-cotton mask, Augustin & Co, $20

Wool hat by Odeyalo

15. Wool hat, Odeyalo, $90

Gold plated ring by Twenty Compass

16. Gold plated ring, Twenty Compass, $75 (for 15% off your order, you can use my promo code JOELLE15)

Convertible 3-in-1 handbag by Lambert

17. Convertible 3-in-1 handbag, Lambert, $130

Sterling silver and freshwater pearl earrings by Camillette

18. Sterling silver and freshwater pearl earrings, Camillette, $75

Gift card by Rightful Owner

19. Gift card, Rightful Owner, amount of your choosing

Loungewear pants in viscose and wool by Essentiels

20. Loungewear viscose and wool pants, Essentiels, $89

Brass cuff earring by LLY Atelier

21. Gold plated brass cuff earring, LLY Atelier, $69

Leather and cashmere gloves by Maguire

22. Leather gloves lined with cashmere, Maguire, $85

Gift card by Wearshop

23. Gift card, Wearshop, amount of your choosing

Different length earrings sold by the unit by Nina Janvier

24. Different length earrings sold individually, Nina Janvier, starting at $85

Removable collar with embroidered illustration by Estee Preda by Noémiah

25. Removable collar with embroidered illustration by Estee Preda, Noémiah, $99

*This post was done in collaboration with MMODE, a nonprofit organization which mission is to promote Montreal fashion industry both locally and internationally.

Joëlle Paquette, sustainable fashion and clean beauty blogger based in Montreal, Canada.

Joëlle Paquette is a sutainable fashion and clean beauty blogger and copywriter based in Montreal, Canada. After 10 years of working as a journalist for different magazines, she now specializes in writing conscious content for brands built on strong environmentally and socially responsible values. She also pet a corgi once—a very special day she will never forget. 

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