17 Ethical Gift Ideas for a Cozy Home

Apartment. House. Cottage. Studio. Whatever shape or form is your home, you’ve seen A LOT of it in the past few months. To a point where you know every tiny, trivial detail by heart.

That crooked shelf, but not bothersome enough to fix it. The exact time when the sun softly hits the mirror in the bathroom. The left side of the couch starting to show your butt print a little too clearly.

A year ago, we complained of not spending enough time at home. Today, it’s the complete opposite. We’re ALWAYS home (😅😭🤪☺️ = the emotions I go through on a regular day). 

That new reality has made many people realize how important it is to feel happy with our surroundings. And, consequently, it had led many of us to invest more time, energy, and money into crafting our idea of a perfect nest. 

Which brings me to today’s blog post: 17 gift ideas for a cozy home! I’ve also included a few lifestyle objects to push the coziness experience even further. 

And don’t feel bad if you end up shopping for yourself too. It’s all part of fun ;)

Ceramic cups made by Goye in collaboration with Noémiah

1. Ceramic cup, Noémiah X Vanessa Villarreal, $48

Table mirror by DOIY available at Bref boutique

2. Table mirror with jewellery hanger, DOIY, $58

Dish towel by Freckled Fuchsia

3. Half Moon dish towel, Freckled Fuchsia, $25

Notebook leather cover by Delphine Platten

4. Customizable leather notebook cover, Delphine Platten, $100

Finnish-inspired pin game made from recycled materials by LÜKKY

5. Finnish-inspired pin game made from recycled materials, LÜKKY (it’s my dad’s company, so show him some love if you can ❤️), $80. *Every design is unique. **Delivery available in the Greater Montreal area for a small fee. Shipping across Canada available as well.

Non-toxic 8-in-1 Always Pan

6. Non-toxic 8-in-1 pan, Always Pan, US$145

Two-face cushion by Dusen Dusen

7. Two-face cushion (smile and frown), Dusen Dusen, $135

Fir and mandarin room mist

8. Fir and mandarin room spray, La Vie Apothicaire, $26

Hand painted notebook by Moglea

9. Hand-painted notebook, Moglea, US$20

Ceramic winter indoor garden by Studio Ilot

10. Ceramic winter garden, Studio Îlot, $150

Handmade coasted by Little Brummie

11. Coaster set (4), Little Brummie, $60

Poster by Catherine Lavoie

12. Catherine Lavoie poster, $40

Two-part plant vase by Rosie Daisy

13. Two-part ceramic flower vase, Josie Daisy, $53

Corsé magazine, issue on coffee traceability.

14. Corsé magazine, issue 05 on coffee traceability, $18

Ceramic pour-over coffee maker by YYY

15. Pour-over coffee maker, YYY, $124

500-piece puzzle by Baltic Club

16. 500-piece puzzle, Baltic Club, $45

Evergreen Ember candle available at Ex Voto

17. “Evergreen Ember” candle, Ex Voto, $45

Any other gift ideas for a cozy home? Let me (and everybody else!) know in the comments!

Joëlle Paquette, sustainable fashion and clean beauty blogger based in Montreal, Canada.

Joëlle Paquette is a sutainable fashion and clean beauty blogger and copywriter based in Montreal, Canada. After 10 years of working as a journalist for different magazines, she now specializes in writing conscious content for brands built on strong environmentally and socially responsible values. She also pet a corgi once—a very special day she will never forget. 

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