4 Ways To Fill In Your Brows


At 16, I was already tracing my eyebrows. Not that I had over-plucked them, like many other girl classmates (by the way, I really hope they grew back), but I simply wanted to give some badness to my angel/I never get in trouble face.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi for the past three years, you’ll know that eyebrows are the #1 beauty obsession of the moment. Cream, pen, powder, gel… All the tools are there to make sure that no hair is out of place!

With almost 10 years of brow drawing behind me, I’ve become somewhat of a brow pro. Here are my top tips and also 4 different formulas you can use to create the exact effect you want.


1. Clear gel

Easy X 1000. Brush your hair out either following its natural movement or slightly upwards. This technique opens up the eye more than ever!

Personally, I prefer the water-based formulas, like this one from Marc Jacobs, because they don’t stiffen your brows. Whereas other products, that could be compared to glue in my opinion, are impossible to take off at night and they become ultra uncomfortable as soon as you’re a bit too expressive.

Brow Tamer Gel by Marc Jacobs Beauty


2. Tinted gel

Girls who already have full and defined eyebrows should use this one. The pigmented mixture, which needs to perfectly match your hair color, subtly intensifies and structures the upper part of your face. Make sure you have a clean brush on hand to soften any dark spots. The product is not always evenly distributed on the brush, and no one wants patchwork eyebrows.

Brow Drama Gel by Maybelline


3. Colored setting powder

What you need: an angle brush, a matte powder (either for brows or eyelids, as long as it’s sequin-free), a brush and some dexterity. Dab the angle brush in the powder and remove the excess with a couple of strokes on your hand. Starting with the tail, try to draw little hairs. Once you’ve passed 2/3 of the brow, put aside the powder and work only with what you have left on your brush. Avoid at all costs putting too much powder near the center of the forehead. It will make you look like you’re angry.

Brow Zings by Benefit Cosmetics


4. Creamy pencil

I’m telling you, this one can work wonders. Too thin, weirdly shaped or sparse, your eyebrows can go through an extreme makeover with a pencil. Like the setting powder, draw little hairs and slow down the pace as you get closer to the inside of the face. Brush them to blur any harsh lines and you’re all set!

Brow Tech To Go by Smashbox

Do you fill in your brows? Which technique do you use?

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