Part Two: 4 Beauty Lovers Reveal Their Favorite Makeup Products Of All Time


Last week, our beauty panel shared their fave choice of skincare formulas. In the same spirit, here are their best-loved makeup essentials.


Patricia Larivière, Senior Account Executive at MSL Group

Best product: LashBlast Volume Mascara by CoverGirl

How did you hear about it? I organized the media launch.

Why do you LOVE it? The first event I had to organize when I started PR was the release of this mascara – needless to say, I was very stressed! Since then, it has remained as my absolute go-to.

This mascara was one of the first to use a silicone wand. It gives you full and voluminous eyelashes to create a bold look, it doesn’t crumble or run down and is super easy to take off at night. All that for an extremely reasonable price!

How do you use it? I apply multiple coats on my upper lashes, let them dry and then do it again for an intensified result – no lumps in sight! I finish with a little bit of product on the bottom lashes, to open up my eyes.


Laurie Deraps, Makeup Artist for Dulcedo Agency

Best product: The Beauty Blender sponge

How did you discover it? Backstage at Montreal Fashion Week. Many makeup artists were using it, so I gave it a spin and loved it!

Why is it so amazing? It’s incredibly efficient for a beautiful foundation finish! I also like that it comes in many different colors and sizes.

How do you use it? I damp it and remove the excess of water with a towel. Then I use it to apply moisturizer, primer, foundation and even powder!

Tip: I like going over my full makeup with the sponge to remove any powdery texture. This little object has changed the way I put on foundation and it’s great!


Stephanie Boridy, Personal stylist at Holt Renfrew and cofounder of We Are Summer

Roller Lash Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics (So there you go, you now know what are the two best mascaras in the world!)

Why is it an absolute favorite? I was doing the Russian Volume Lash Extension thing for the last 6 months. About a month ago, I had to take them off. Naturally, I felt so naked without the gorgeous volume on my lids – So I went on a mad hunt for the best possible mascara. I think within the span of four days, I tried nine of them! I’ve dropped every other one in favor of this one from Benefit. It actually curls my lashes and gives them depth and volume! Sure, it’s not the look of lash extensions, but it’s certainly a healthier long-term way of achieving a full effect.


Katia Hanine, Founder and editor of the blog Lapiz of Luxury

Best product: Soleil Matte Bronzer by Too Faced

How did you hear about it? I’m a bronzer groupie! It’s my favorite beauty product and I’m always on the lookout for new ones. I discovered this one while wandering through Sephora’s isles.

Why are you totally in aw with it? The finish of this product is pure magic! It erases pores and imperfections and gives a gorgeous tan!

How do you use it? During summertime, I tan a lot so it ends up being the only product I use on my face; it transforms into a foundation.

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Now you tell me! What’s you favorite makeup product of all time?


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