The Trend You Never Thought Would Come Back

 It’s hard to tell who’s responsible: Miuccia Prada or Kim Kardashian.

Last fall, Miuccia, one of my faves, upgraded her models’ waists by decorating them with corset belts. Wrapped around 20-something layers of knits, dresses and jackets, they were worn undone and loose, far from the traditional constraining corset. It read as a big “Screw you!” to the societal pressures to look a certain way. You go Miuccia!

There’s also Kim and her sisters, who, in the last few months, have invaded your Instagram feed with their tiny waists — don’t even try, I know you follow them — shrunk by the help of a heavily #sponsored corset.

Whoever did what, reality is that the corset belt is seriously happening right now. Plus, it’s an easy (and cheap!) way to update your entire wardrobe with only one piece. Here are a few advice of mine for those of you who still think “corset” rimes with Rose in Titanic.

Advice #1

It’s meant to be worn on anything oversized and super relaxed! A t-shirt, a XL knitted top, a sweater dress or a huge wool coat are the most interesting clothes to wear with the corset belt. And because the corset belt deserves its own official name, I’m officially baptizing it the “corbelt”.

Advice #2

If you pick a laced corbelt, loosen up the lace and don’t tie up the ends. I know, it’s a bit ironic. By definition, nothing is less relaxed than a corset, but this time around, it’s meant to be worn nonchalantly over pretty much anything. Just like you would wear your dad’s old sweater, with the stains and all.

Advice #3

I’m not at all the type of person who will tell you “do this” and “don’t do that”, but, in all honesty, stay away from flashy fabric textures. The corbelt is a statement in itself, forget about sequins and patent leather. Go for full grain leather, suede or thick linen.

And because it’s always better with some inspiration pictures, here are a couple!

Feeling inspired yet? Here are the corbelts I wish I could wrap around my waist right now!

1. Zara | 2. Isabel Marant | 3. Lovestrength | 4. Zara | 5. Asos

What do you think about the corbelt? Would you wear it?

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