My Hairstylist Answers All Your Hair-Related Questions

I’ve had the same hairstylist for about four years — when I find one I can trust, I preciously keep her on speed dial. Sophie Tessier, who is a Revlon Professional ambassador and amongst the best hairdressers in the country (the prestigious Contessa contest says so!), is the owner of La Rousse Espace Beauté  and the magician behind my hair.

Three weeks ago, I asked you to send me your hair-related questions so I could ask Sophie during my appointment and guess what??? Here are the solutions to all your mane problems! She cut my hair with her usual dexterity (think Edward Scissor Hands) while carefully answering your questions. #MultiTaskerMuch

What is the best haircut for thin and straight hair?

From Adrien | @alienreynolds

“It’s crucial to work with layers to get the most volume out of your hair. That being said, not all types of layering techniques will make your hair look fuller. For a thicker texture, make sure you go for deconstructed layers. Obviously, the longer the hair is, the thinner it looks. Consequently, a mid-length haircut is always a better choice. Finally, colouring your hair, whether you go lighter or darker, really gives body to your locks. It also makes them easier to style!”

What would be a long-term solution for oily hair?

From Nata | @radicalnadi

“First of all, you should ditch hot water and wash your hair with cold water. Otherwise, you over activate your sebaceous glands. It’s for the same reason you should restrain from brushing your hair or touching it with your hands to often. I also advise to wash your hair — with a shampoo for oily hair — two or three times a week maximum to, again, avoid an overproduction of sebum.”

Does the food we eat affect our overall hair health?

From Éléonore | @eleonoredupeyrat

“Hair is exactly like skin. If you eat tons of junk food, you will likely wake up the morning after with an unexpected pimple. Same story with our mane. You’re always better off with a balanced diet and LOTS of water.

In terms of supplements, biotin does wonders! It makes your hair and nails grow stronger like other popular brands, but at a fraction of the price! It’s important to take it over a long period of time to witness full results; about 1000mg per day for four months.”

What are the best products for curly hair? (That’s such a good question: it just so happens that curls are Sophie’s forte!)

From Amélie |

“First, when you apply your conditionner, don’t bother washing it all away. Curly hair is naturally a bit drier, so leaving a thin layer is actually a good thing here.

I then spray on a leave-in treatment, dry the hair with a towel and apply a straightening balm (yup!) through the lengths and ends. To get the most out of your buck, I recommend Iron Guard by Style Masters — it’s the best! It preserves the curls’ suppleness, contrary to gel and mousse, while getting rid of flyaways.

I dry it with a diffuser and stop when about 80% of the hair is dry. Letting it air-dry will give a more natural movement to your curls.”

I’m a bit lazy. Which product can I use after the shower so I have as little hair styling to do as possible? 

From Christina | @xtina_says

“I love Uniq One by Revlon Professional, because it battles 10 issues all at the same time. It treats damaged and brittle hair, tames frizz, repair split hands and a lot more! It’s also very efficient at getting rid of flyaways that occur when air-drying your strands.”

How can I get the best out of my hair mask?

From Vanessa | @vanessaduval

“I recommend applying it on clean towel-dried hair at night and rinsing it off in the morning. For a quick fix, follow the same steps, but wrap your hair in a hot and humid towel or a shower cap for about 20 minutes.

Be wary of the so-called “express” masks! If the instructions say that you only have to leave it in for three minutes, don’t buy it. A really good mask takes at least 15 minutes to deliver its full potential. Moreover, feel its texture before checking out: it should be creamy, not just a mix of perfume and water!”

Have a question Sophie hasn’t answered yet? Write it the comment section and I’ll make sure to ask her next time I see her!

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