4 Pants to Try If You’re Tired of Your Skinny Jeans

Top and bottom Noémiah | Necklace Habits Jewelry | Sandals H&M

Skinny jeans are definitely one of the longest lasting fashion trends in the last decade. Actually, i don’t think we can even call it a trend anymore. Trends come and go. Skinnies have come and never left. It’s officially reached the LBD and trench coat’s pantheon.

Jeans have been getting noticeably funkier in the last year — probably as a backlash of the skinny jeans status quo —, but on my end, skinnies have steadily remained my go-to pants. I dress’em up, I dress’em down. They go with about everything. They’re flattering. I think their only downside is that they always break the mood when you’re boyfriend tries to take them off before doing some luuuuuving. But yeah, it’s a flaw I can get past.

BUT, because there’s always a but, they’ve felt kind of “style-less” for a couple of months now. It just feels like they don’t “add” anything to my outfits anymore. So to save myself from an agonizing death by style boredom, I explored what were the current must-haves in the pant department. Here are four styles to try if you too have been hooked to the skinny for far too long.


Okay, these aren’t new for me… I just don’t wear them enough, which makes no sense at all, since they’re basically heaven in the shape of a garment. They’re a cross between a skirt and pants (comfort + practicality), they’re super flattering despite what women tend to say (you just gotta find the right cut and fabric, peeps) and they can be super casual paired with sneakers or easily dressed up with heels, like those velvet sandals.

*Photos by Melika Dez

Top and bottom Noémiah | Necklace Habits Jewelry | Sandals H&M
Top and bottom Noémiah | Necklace Habits Jewelry 
Top and bottom Noémiah | Necklace Habits Jewelry 
Top and bottom Noémiah | Necklace Habits Jewelry | Sandals H&M

Aritzia | Great Plains | Edit

Flared pants

Remember that 21 day challenge I did recently? On the very first day after it ended, guess what I wore? Flared velvet floral pants! Yup, I went all out. Flared pants are synonym of fun, boldness, and self-confidence. Wear them full length or cropped, super bell-bottom or a bit more subtle, just as long as your wear them and feel like a million bucks. Period.

DesiréeKlein | Topshop | Urban Outfitters

Deconstructed jeans

It’s not because I’m parting ways with skinnies that I’m giving up on all denim. These days, I’m digging the super deconstructed loose styles, like the boyfriend jeans gone wild. Look for peculiar details — like a double waistband or just an out-of-the-ordinary kind of silhouette. For a day look, go for a turtleneck (like one of my favourites, Victoria Beckham) paired with sneakers and contrasting socks. When dusk sets in, pick a Victorian blouse and some bold-coloured sock booties. Watch out, Mr. Dancefloor!

Agolde | COS | Levi’s

Paper bag waist trousers

Paper bag waist trousers are basically pants that tried to grow as a jumpsuit, but gave up along the way. They can come in every silhouette, from pleated’n’tapered to super large legs. Just make sure you tuck in whatever top you’re wearing so we can see that great paper bag waist of yours ;)

Reformation | Aritzia | COS

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