8 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe Without Spending Any Money

Fall is a tricky season. It’s, in my opinion, the most stylish season of all — which translates into craving a brand new coat, new boots, comfy sweaters, all of which are pretty pricey — yet, you can’t forget all those Christmas gifts you’ll soon have to buy. It’s like: should I get those those theatre tickets for my mom OR those awesome sock boots?*

*FIY: that was a trick question. If you picked the sock boots, don’t forget to get a book on ‘how to be a better daughter’ while you’re at it. 

But, what if I told you you could update your wardrobe for free? Yes, I know, I sound like a shady infomercial, but hear me out!

Being a stylist on a budget, I’m forever and always remixing my wardrobe without barely buying anything new. Without further ado, here are my top tricks to make old feel and look like new.

Layer, Layer and Layer Some More

I’ll never say it enough: layering is ZE best way to make your outfits interesting, especially when you’re dealing with a limited number of clothes. Wear a dress over pants or a long shirt under a turtleneck, under a jeans jacket, under a coat. Stylish and warm: fall’s ultimate goal is now achieved.

It’s Time to Wear That Thing You Never Wear

One thing that I learned from doing the 21-day challenge is that when you’re left with little choice, you have to make it work no matter what. Pick an item you never wear for whatever reason — as long as it’s not ill-fitting, that should automatically go into the ‘donate’ pile — and commit to wearing it at least once this week. You’ll be surprised how creative you might get.

Switch up Your Makeup

There’s so much more to using makeup than just “making yourself look pretty”. It’s as much of an accessory as handbags or shoes are. So in other words: HAVE FUN. You could wear the same dress with three totally different makeups — dark burgundy lips, pastel smokey eyes or super strong eyebrows — and you’d give off three completely distinct vibes.

What If Your Summer and Fall Wardrobes Met?

When it’s -25ºC outside, the last thing you want to wear is a spaghetti strap crop top… Unless it’s on top of a turtleneck! You could do the same with a flowy dress and a sweater or two t-shirts with different sleeve lengths.

You’re a Tuck-In Addict? It’s Time for a Detox

“Hi, my name is Joëlle and I’m a tuck-in addict.” What I mean by that is that, whenever I wear a top with pants or a skirt, I systematically wear my top tucked in. There’s technically nothing wrong with that, I doubt it will ever go out of style, but leaving it out can change the whole look of an outfit. Having trouble quitting? Wear a shirt and tuck only one side in; it’s super trendy and it’s a soft transition for tuck-in lovers.

Your Jeans Are Your Next Art Project

It’s time to get down and dirty, which, in my world, means: sit down on your kitchen floor with scissors and jeans by your side and get ready for some DIY action (I’m such a nerd). Make the hem asymmetrical, fray the bottom edges, cut some holes at the knees: make those skinnies badass, for jeans’ sake!

This ‘Socks’!

Here’s an oldie, but goodie! Put on some sparkly socks and walk into the day like bold is the only way to be. You can either use them to extend the life of your summer sandals until the first snow — beyond that is not a good idea, because you will get the flu and die — or to funky up your fave pair of Oxford shoes you’ve worn 1395 times.

Your Boyfriend’s Clothes Are More Stylish Than You Think

I borrowed my boyfriend’s jeans jacket the other day and it felt incredibly satisfying. First, because I carried his wonderful Byredo’s smell with me all evening long and second, because it felt like carrying a secret only I knew about. If you have access to your love’s closet, steal one of his shirt sand wear it under a sweater, so the sleeves and the collar stick out. It’s suuuper #fashun.

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  1. I love the layering tip and the socks tip. It’s great how you can transform something simple into something chic, and fashion forward by just adding few layers or some funky socks.

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