Beauty Challenge : Sequined eyes


Products used : Hardwired Eyeshadow, in Gabon, by NARS and Quickliner For Eyes Intense, in Intense Peridot, by Clinique

Overall look: Bold raccoon smoky eyes,  eyebrows lightly filled in, peach blush and nude lips.

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Fear #1: I look like I’m going clubbing, which reminds me of when I was 16 (undoubtedly undeniably totally underage) and going out at Congo Bongo. Montrealers will know what I’m talking about.

Outcome: I’ll be honest, in the daylight, the makeup did feel too intense. I walked by Parc Laurier to go meet my friend Stephanie for dinner and I was surrounded by people au naturel jogging or enjoying the last hours of sunlight. I felt like the Plateau version of Taylor Momsen.

Fear #2: Don’t touch your makeup. Don’t sweat too much. Pray that nothing gets into your eyes, otherwise, you’re screwed girl.

Outcome: I had to make the conscious decision of not rubbing my eyes a couple of times, but other than that, it stayed on like a charm. The application is also crucial. I applied the eyeshadow first, then topped it with the pencil and then applied eyeshadow again. Especially on the eyes, anything creamy should be fixed with powder. Otherwise, it will get into your skin folds and you’ll look more tipsy than you actually are.


… you’re wearing a super sexy dress, that would be just plain too much. Pair it with something slightly masculine.

… it’s more than 77°F.

… crying is part of your evening schedule.



  • I bumped into a friend of mine who just gave birth. She was beautiful and glowing, strolling with her couple-of-week-old baby. She looked like a grown-up and I felt like a teenager who had just snuck out of her room without her parents’ permission.
  • Right before arriving at the ramen place, I ran into Rodolfo, a friend of mine who’s also a wonderful artist/photographer/human being.

“Me: Hey Rodolfo! It’s been forever. How are you??

Rodolfo: Hey! I’m good. How are you?

Me: I’m good. (Then I felt the need to justify my va va voom makeup.) I’m doing this beauty challenge for my blog (pointing at my lemur eyes).

Rodolfo: No need to explain! Knowing that you have a blog, I assumed it was for content purposes.”

Note to self: Does that give me a free pass for everything as long as it’s for content purposes? Interesting.

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What do you think of the makeup? Too intense? Just enough?

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